Thursday, 4 July 2013

Strangers on a Train

There are times when the universe aligns perfectly. If it is to happen to us, or if we are even to bear witness to it such events, we hold these moments in our hearts forever, knowing for one brief moment that if there is a God, he is indeed working to some kind of plan.

Readers will guess that this event did not actually happen to me. But I was a witness.

My friend and I were returning from a day at the theatre in London, for we are Massive Wankers. It was a play called Peter and Alice, starring Ben Whishaw and Dame Judi Dench. It had been a long day, so we sat on our train bound from London homeward early, so that we could get comfortable and relax.

That day happened to be also the day of Vidcon, a kind of festival for popular YouTubers, so the train was full of teenagers coming back from seeing Emma Blackery, TomSka, or any number of popular YouTubers.  As we are sat down, a young man gets on the train wearing a Pok√©mon trainer outfit, cap and all. My friend and I joke for a bit, for we are Massive Wankers, but let it pass

Then a girl wearing a Pikachu onesie gets on board the same carriage. 

These two were completely unrelated in every way besides their similar taste in animated franchises.. 

As my friend and I watch, open mouthed, the Trainer leans over to the girl in the Pickahu onesie and whispers to her '... hey - I choose you.'

I feel as though I bore witness to the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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