Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Geekiness is the better part of valour

I will never be a Lothario or Casanova. The best I can hope for is 70s open-shirt-and-porn-moustache Stan Lee, and I can’t do the facial hair either.

Pure Geek Sex.

I mention this as my geekiness will constantly get in the way of any kind of actual progress with a girl. I love Doctor Who. I read comic books. I know a couple magic tricks. None of these things resemble a guitar. I am not upset over this, as I do enjoy these things without shame, but these have been known to launch me into rather stupid situations where my geek side has overruled rational thinking.

One such example was at work. I work in a shop, which means I have to talk to customers and build up quick rapport over nothing. Almost invariably, the subject is the weather but occasionally other clues present themselves for conversation to make things interesting.

A girl had come into the shop with her mother. She was a geek girl and looked around my age, so obviously my type. But at work, I have to maintain professional standards and to be honest, any lascivious thought hadn’t really entered my mind except friendly conversation. I'm genuinely quite innocent when it comes to these type of things. Quite a lot of time at work, human interaction simply reminds me I'm not brain dead.

'Hello.' I looked down. 'That is very cool,' I said, and nodded towards her chest.

She went very red and studiously avoided me until her mother made her purchases. I couldn't understand. She was wearing a t-shirt with a Jack Kirby illustration of The Thing, one of the members of the Fantastic Four from one of the best and most important comics in history. What else could I possibly be referring to?

Oh, wait.

See? Idiot.

A more recent example.

Today, I was texting a girl that wasn't my best friend, an otherwise rare occurrence. I had sent an e-mail to said girl earlier that day, a big David Bowie fan, with regards to an adaption of one of his songs, Space Oddity, into a children's book. It can be found online, and it's genuinely very good. What follows is the genuine text exchange:
Me: Oh yeah, and I emailed you a thing. A fine thing. Look at the thing.
Girl: Hahah. I've seen this! Its an incredible thing! Lol. xxx
Me: Cool. Just remembered its existence and thought I could share the PDF joy.
Girl: Hahah. Thank you, its not often i get Pdf joy :p xx
Me: I don't think anyone has to be honest. It's not a file type that lends itself well to joy unlike the noble jpeg or mp3
Girl: That is true. I also have a certain fondness for the gif. X
Me: That is an excellent one. This is a weird conversation topic.
This actually happened, and I'd like to point to the decreasing number of 'x's as the conversation progressed about file types progressed.

Saying that, my magic tricks are pretty cool.

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